Returning you to your senses

Rooted is the practice of trauma therapist and nature therapy guide Joanna King. Through EMDR and other body-based therapies, Joanna works with her clients to resolve traumatic memories and neutralize triggers.

Trauma Therapy

With a warm and welcoming approach, Joanna creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients to explore their emotions and experiences. She utilizes evidence-based techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help her clients manage symptoms of trauma and develop skills to cope with stress.At the heart of Joanna's work is a deep belief in the resilience and strength of the human spirit. She is passionate about helping her clients tap into their inner and outer resources to find hope and healing in the aftermath of trauma.

Joanna will resume seeing clients in summer 2024. Enter your email to be notified.

Joanna King

Joanna King is a compassionate and dedicated trauma therapist currently working as a CPC-A. With a passion for helping individuals heal from trauma, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work with clients.Joanna has a diverse range of training and experiences in the mental health and wellness fields, including EMDRIA-approved training in EMDR, work as a Forest Therapy Guide with Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, biblical counseling certificates with Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, and training as a Maryland Master Naturalist.She has a deep understanding of the many ways trauma can manifest in an individual's life, and is committed to helping her clients find healing and empowerment. She has also led parent-child nature classes, treatment support groups, a wilderness summer camp for city teenagers, and forest therapy walks for all ages.

Nature Therapy

Our guided outdoor experiences help you restore from life stress and digital overload.With training and certification by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Joanna guides people who are stressed into restorative nature-based experiences that are supported by decades of scientific research. She carefully designs Rooted's programs informed by her training in guided listening and restorative practice.Rooted is based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and guides in many different places across the region. Joanna has created experiences with and for Baltimore City Parks & Rec, Helping Up Mission, Wild Haven Forest Preschool, EREFANS, and others.

Why nature?

Perhaps you like a little green and bought a plant for your shelf, or prefer a window with a view of trees, or you feel upbeat once there are finally buds on the trees after a long winter.What our instincts have known all along is now backed by science. Thanks to some skillful researchers, first in Japan and now around the world, we now have a large body of research which strongly correlates time spent in nature with improved physical and mental health.Many research studies have shown the effects of nature engagement on our levels of stress hormones, production of white blood cells, heart rate, and more. We have discovered that being in nature can improve our immune systems, boost energy, decrease negative emotions, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase metabolism, spark creativity, improve focus and cognitive function, and boost mood.To enter into these benefits, all we must do is to enter a natural space and enjoy it through our five senses.

Don't just do something, stand there.

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